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Licensed Fiduciaries serving the Inland Empire

IE Fids, LLC, is a partnership providing services that honor the dignity and uniqueness of every individual. Our goal is to utilize our skills, knowledge and expertise for families in need and for individuals requiring special care and supervision by serving as Conservators, Trustees, Guardians, and Executors. We also serve as Powers of Attorney for healthcare and finance.

We become a partner in your life care team.

In all client matters we remain focused on cultural awareness and sensitivity. Our commitment is to inclusion across race, gencer, age, religion, identity and experience.

We uphold the following values with the upmost integrity:

  • Clients are given respect, dignity and honest care
  • Client assets are safeguarded, prudently managed and invested
  • The health and well-being of conservatees and Special Needs Trust beneficiaries are assured and maintained
  • Trust and Will details are explicitly implemented
  • Clients are regularly contacted
  • Actions, services and time are accurately documented and maintained
  • Client privacy and confidentiality are protected
  • The highest standards of ethics and practices are assured
  • All of our work is provided with attention to the clients’ and their families’ cultural, religious and ethnic wishes


Court Appointed Services

Conservator of the Person

When an adult can no longer provide for their own care, we are appointed by the court as Conservator of the Person. Ensuring your safety and security are our primary concerns, as well as addressing health and personal care.

Conservator of the Estate

When we are appointed as Conservator of the Estate, we first secure the assets from wrongdoers. We protect and invest assets, budget responsibly, pay bills, collect income and otherwise manage financial affairs.

Estate Administrator

During probate, we collect and protect estate assets, maximize the productivity of the estate, pay taxes and debts, and distribute the assets to the beneficiaries.

Guardianship for Minors

For those under 18, through Guardianship we management and distribution of funds, carefully evaluating and considering long and short-term life goals.

Private/Court Trust Services

Special Needs Trusts

We manage these specialized trusts for beneficiaries who have physical, mental health, emotional or other disabilities, while adhering to strict Probate Code requirements.

Trustee | Successor Trustee

We work with you and your advisors to carry out the terms and instructions of your trust and estate plan just as you envisioned.

Powers of Attorney and Personal Services

Power of Attorney for Healthcare and/or Finance

When acting under Powers of Attorney and Advanced Healthcare Directives, we take action on your behalf to make medical and financial decisions in the event you are no longer able.

Care Management

Our Certified Care Managers assess current health issues and support systems, and coordinate care for you or your loved one who requires assistance and companionship due to physical or cognitive impairments.


Nice to meet you!

  • Leandra


    LeAndra has more than 25 years of experience across the spectrum of business and financial services. The last six years have been spent administering trusts and conservatorships. LeAndra’s work experience in various business platforms brings a broad expertise in trusts, estates and relationship management. As a California Licensed Profession Fiduciary (CLPF) and Daily Money Manager (DMM), LeAndra takes an analytical approach to address problems and create solutions. She’s a graduate of Azusa Pacific University with a MBA degree in Business Administration, Finance and Management. LeAndra serves on the Professional Fiduciary Association of California State (PFAC) Executive Board as Treasurer and on the State board Education Committee as a co-Chair.

    LeAndra enjoys spending time with family and cooking. LeAndra cooks and volunteers through her church to feed and serve the community, she also works with local summer camps and youth organizations. She is also a professional Scottish Kilt maker.

  • Susan


    Susan B. Ghormley is a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary and attorney serving as court appointed conservator, as trustee in private and court supervised trusts and special needs trusts, estate administrator, and as guardian of the estate for youth. After many years successfully bringing nursing homes to court for neglect and abuse of elders, Susan sought to bring this expertise to the personal relationships that develop working on behalf of the elderly and disabled as a Fiduciary.

    Susan is an active member of the Professional Fiduciary Association of California (PFAC) having served as State President, Vice President, Director of the Southern Region and Secretary of the Southern Region. Susan developed a Diversity and Inclusion Committee, has served as a Chair of the Education Committee.

    In her spare time Susan has lead an annual high school and college student trip to Mexico to provide day camp for 80 to 100 barrio children and construction projects in the poorest part of Ensenada for over 17 years, as well as participating in a monthly homeless project where meals are prepared and delivered throughout San Pedro, CA. Susan is a frequent speaker at Women’s Retreats.

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